Parshas Vayikra
Leviticus 1;1 - 5;26

Considering The Offering ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of the weekly parsha is dedicated in loving memory to Mr. Jack and Mrs. Bella Noahson, may they rest in peace.

Notice the wording:
“...Adam - Kee -Yahk Reev - Mee Cehm - Kar Bawn - Lah Hashem {If Adam [a man] brings from among you an offering to Hashem} of animals cattle or sheep...” Leviticus 1:2

Now notice
Vi Neh Fehsh - Kee - Sayk Reev {And when a soul brings} an offering to Hashem. Leviticus 2:1

Consider the ownership of the karbon. There are several factors regarding Karbonim / offerings here. First the karbon of Leviticus 1:2 uses the word “Adam” instead of the word Eish / man. One should wonder why this is. Our sages say that as Adam Ha Rishah brought a karbon to Hashem that karbon was his. He owned it. So when one brings a Karbon to Hashem he MUST be the owner. It cannot be stolen or on loan. The karbon MUST be entirely paid for. It must be 100% his. Then the karbon must be unblemished. Now when one considers these two factors one should also realize that the only place where a karbon can be offered for a Jew is the Bais HaMikdosh / Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Consider the costs. As a side note, those desiring to be Jewish should ask themselves this question. What does it cost to travel to Israel, spend several days in Israel and purchase a sacrifice in Israel a minimum of three times every year? I would be interested in knowing what you think it would cost...

Consider that it is men who present the offerings. The Torah says, {If Adam [A man] brings from among you an offering to Hashem} of animals cattle or sheep...” Leviticus 1:2 The Torah also says “...three times each year are all your males are to appear before Hashem your G-d..” Leviticus chapter one speaks to the responsibilities of the Jewish male.

Consider that only males serve as Priests etc. Deuteronomy 16:16 Holy readers the point here is that even though some less observant groups allow / support women in male roles that will eventually come to an end. This is a Torah violation and it is wrong. The Torah was passed down to the Zay Kaynim {Elders} Deuteronomy 32:7 Ladies are not permitted to service as the Kohan Godal or the Kohanim in the Mishkon /Bais HaMikdosh. Notice Exodus 27:21; 28:1

Consider that the supporting role in and around the Mishkon /Bais HaMikdosh are only men. The eternal reference is to Aharon and his sons. The Levium who work in and around the Mishkon /Bais HaMikdosh. are all men. Numbers 3:20; 4:1-4 The intention here in stating these facts is to show that less observant groups have misrepresented the Torah’s position regarding the service of women. The Torah is NOT a progressive book of rules that can be changed as some have done to accommodate feminist positions.

Consider that the Torah does support age limitations. The Levium served from the age thirty till the age fifty. At the age of fifty they were forced to retire from the service around the Mishkon /Bais HaMikdosh. Numbers 4:1-4;8:25

Consider the offering of thousands of animals. Consider animal rights activists. When the third Bais HaMikdosh is built and sacrifice is restored it will not be like going to your local kosher deli for a steak. It will be more like going to the slaughterhouse. There will be numerous sheep, goats, calves, doves, etc. Leviticus 1:4-17 describes a man’s participation {not a woman's} in the preparation, the ritual slaughter of the animal and the sacrifice process to Hashem. Many who desire to convert to Judaism have not considered their responsibilities and costs regarding the karbon to Hashem.

Consider the offerring of the poor. Now we move to Leviticus 2:1 where we observe the word Adam is not used. The word Neh Fehsh {Soul} is used in place of Adam. Why is this? Our sages say that the person who brings a meal offering to Hashem is comparable to one who offers their own soul to Hashem. The meal offering is representative of the very poor person. It is as if they are offering meal / bread from their own table to fulfill their requirements to offer to Hashem. They have counted the above costs and there is no honest way they can afford to offer animals, etc. to Hashem.

Holy readers, Mrs. Belk and I have never been to Israel even though we greatly desire to go there. One of our sons has visited Israel several times. Many of our friends have visited Israel. Some have moved to Israel. Our concern is like the concern of many Jews in our situation who cannot afford expensive airfare, hotels and meals. Our concern is getting to Israel.
Dear ones, the point is there are so many who visit JewishPath with the desire to convert to Judaism without a serious thought of the costs and requirements. It is so sad to receive email from people who have committed to less observant Jewish conversion. It is as if they have shopped around for the Jewish conversion that best fits them. Well, readers, you may think that is acceptable but it isn’t! It doesn’t work like that. Judaism is one religion regardless of those who misrepresent what it actually is. There is much small print that comes with conversion that every Jew is responsible for, PERIOD!

Naomi and I used to live in a so-called observant Jewish community years ago. Now this is not to say there are not observant Jews in that community. There are observant Jews in that community. Unfortunately many of the observant Jews there are silent in response to what they see and hear. By this I mean they have allowed serious misdeeds in their community. We moved from that community because of the misdeeds to us from ranking rabbium and other reasons. Some members of that community looked down on us for moving from a Jewish community to no Jewish community! Our level of observance was questioned, is questioned and continues to be questioned. What is the point?

A new Rav was elected to the community. This new Rav is requiring members of the community to observe the small print of Torah Judaism. Actually there is no “small print.” He is requiring members of the community to observe Torah Judaism.
Holy reader, the point is that there is no back door to Jewish conversion. It is truly all or nothing. Those who actually think they can form / develop their own brand of Judaism are mistaken. Those who think they can convert to a less observant form of Judaism are also mistaken. All Jews will be required to observe even the fine print of Torah Judaism. This fine print includes the offerings as discussed in Parshas Vah Yeek Raw. We will all come to realize in the end that, our G-d is One! Our Torah is One! Judaism is One!

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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