Shabbos Chol Ha Moed
Exodus 33:12 - 34:26 - Numbers 28:19-25

What Money Can't Provide Prayer Can ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in loving memory to Kathryne Lynn Wright, may she rest in peace.

What money can’t provide prayer can. How? One’s unlimited wealth and power cannot by any means make one feel connected to the Creator. One can have the power to purchase anything on this earth that they desire, but all that wealth and all that financial force--no matter how great it is--cannot purchase five minutes with the Creator. In fact wealth can become a hindrance in making that connection with
G-d. When one has money they can buy things. They can even buy things that are not for sale. Yet money cannot buy a connection with G-d!

Wealth like other powers requires limits... boundaries, if you will. This does not mean one should not seek to increase their wealth. This does not imply that being wealthy is sinful. What is meant here is, how does wealth affect my life? What do I do with my wealth? How do I guide my financial force?

Over many decades I have had the opportunity to be the guest in the homes of those who enjoyed the great power of financial success. There were several homes that expressed great levels of modesty given their financial position in the world. That is to say the homes were modest in size. Most were under 3,000 square feet with only a one or two car garage. The homes were well furnished with three or four bedrooms of which some were in the lower level, the basement. Few entering those homes would have a clue to the fact that the owners were of great wealth. Now the owners of these homes were not a few rich, stingy Jews even though all the owners were Jewish. The owners of these homes were very dedicated to giving to important causes. In fact, these individuals were and are known for being great philanthropists.

Holy reader, the individuals I am making reference to are also known for something else. Each has / had their own very special connection with the Creator. Even though their connection with the Creator was indeed hindered from time to time by their wealth and by their charitable giving, their prayer life was not permanently hindered. What I mean is that they so frequently receive / received guests with requests for money, etc. that it would constantly be a challenge to maintain their well rooted and carefully developed prayer lives.

In addition to this, the individuals I am making reference to are / were also known for establishing daily time for study. One of these individuals is of blessed memory and two are still among us.

Now that is not to say that I have not noticed wealthy Jews who would screw you out of every cent that you have, G-d forbid. The earth has money hungry people of all races, religions and ethnic origins who would stop at little for greater wealth. The same holds true for many who make up the so called upper middle, middle and lower middle class.

The point of our discussion today is that we have just entered the days immediately following Pesach. Pesach is a time of freedom. Pesach is a time of spring cleaning, if you will. Pesach is a time of renewal. Pesach is a time when every Jew should take at least one day as commanded in the Torah to remember our deliverance from Mitzriam. The more distant Mitzriam seems to us the more layers of indifference, insensitivity - and all the words that represent how we have ignored G-d - need to be removed, layer upon layer, until we reach our connection to our Creator again. In other words, it is a time that we should search for our Creator. It is a time that we should establish a connection with our Creator. It is a time to remove or at least begin removing many layers of things that hinder our having a real and genuine connection with the Creator.

I was reading in the parsha for Pesach Chol Ha Moed that Moshe Rabbeinu was searching for G-d. Moshe said, Hoh Dee Ay Nee - Naw - Ehs - Di Raw Cheh Chaw {“please let me know [everything from Aleph to Sav] of your way.”} Exodus 33:13. The Gematria of these four word is 841. Mystically they match with the word Ti Hee Law Su Oh {praise}.

Hoh Dee Ay Nee - Naw - Ehs - Di Raw Cheh Chaw
{please let me know [everything from Aleph to Sav] of your way}

Hoh Dee Ay Nee - Naw
196 = Aleph 1 Nun 50 - Yud 10 Nun 50 Ayin 70 Dalet 4 Vav 6 Hey 5

Ehs - Di Raw Cheh Chaw
645 = Chof 20 Chof 20 Reish 200 Dalet 4 - Sav 400 Aleph 1
{[everything from Aleph to Sav] of your way}

841 = 196 + 645

For example:
“Sing to Hashem a new song, and His Ti Hee Law Su Oh {praise} from the end of the earth..” Isaiah 42:10

“...give glory to Hashem, and declare His Ti Hee Law Su Oh {praise}...” Isaiah 42:12

“Sing forth the honor of His Name: make His Ti Hee Law Su Oh {praise} glorious.” Psalms 66:2

“Praise Hashem. Sing to Hashem a new song, and His Ti Hee Law Su Oh {praise} in the assembly of the righteous.” Psalms 149:1.

Ti Hee Law Su Oh {praise}
841 = Vav 6 Sav 400 Hey 5 Lamid 30 Sav 400

Dear reader, one way to connect with our Creator is to praise Him. The above verses from Tehillim give us examples to follow in our beginning to make that connection. This is an individual thing. Paying someone else to make your connection does not work. The Ti Hee Law Su Oh {praise} MUST come from your mouth NOT your wallet. Ti Hee Law Su Oh requires time. One must individually set aside the time for Ti Hee Law Su Oh. One must begin to individually become aware of G-d by removing layers of the things that prohibit our making that connection. Many people in all walks of life have made that connection from many religions. It requires individual discipline.

May Hashem bless each of us who reach out to Him in even the smallest attempt of thanks or praise. May we be blessed with making that connection. And may we also use our financial power to bless our Creator and His Creation. Experience the freedom of Pesach!

Good Shabbos Pesach Chol Ha Moed!

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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