Shabbos Chol Ha Moed
Exodus 33:12 - 34:26 - Numbers 28:19-25

Searching For G-d ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of the weekly parsha is dedicated in loving memory to Mrs. Peggy Pearlstone, may she rest in peace.

Many years ago, before the birth of my second son Yoel Michael, I was searching for G-d. Years before that, prior to the birth of my first son Yehoshua, I was searching for G-d. Through years of seminary I was searching for G-d. As a Messianic pastor I was searching for G-d. Even as a young child I was searching for G-d. Then I read in the parsha for Pesach Chol Ha Moed that Moshe Rabbeinu was also searching for G-d. Moshe said, “please let me know [everything from Aleph to Sav] of your way so I will know You...” Exodus 33:13.

Dear ones, I am now decades from when I began searching for G-d and I still am searching. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it really beautiful...! The point is our search for G-d should never end!!

Everyone should be searching for G-d, Jews and non-Jews. Hashem is the G-d of the Jews. Hashem is the G-d of the non-Jews. Hashem is the G-d of the Spiritualists. Hashem is the One and only true G-d! It is for Hashem that we seek. Because it is for Hashem that we seek so many of us feel the need to be Jewish. It’s like researching a term paper. One begins with the first known facts regarding their research. For those seeking G-d that research begins with the Torah. That being the situation it is not so abnormal for non-Jews to desire to be Jewish since their research begins with the Torah.

However before there was Judaism there was Spirituality. Before the Noahides existed there was Spirituality. Spirituality is every human’s direct connection to G-d the Creator. I am referring to our original operating system. When our Creator breathed the breath of life into us we received that original operating system. That first breath was G-d form. That first breath was Spirituality.

We do not read anywhere that Adam and Chava sought G-d. They were connected to G-d through their original operating system. Even after the sin in Gan Eden they were still connected to G-d through their original operating system. So what has happened from Adam and Chava till now? What is it that causes us to feel disconnected from G-d, not connected as Adam and Chava were? Has anything changed? If so what has changed?

Holy readers, the answer to this question is simply awareness. Our awareness of
G-d is confused. We are confused... Our vision of G-d is blurred... Our CCTV reception of G-d is disrupted. We live in a fast paced society. We are simply traveling too fast to appreciate G-d. We simply have too much to do to stop and notice G-d! Our first breath in the morning no longer connects us to the presence of G-d. Our awareness of G-d in that first breath is not real. The alarm sounds. Our awareness immediately focuses on the day and what lays ahead. We ignore
G-d. We ignore that renewed Spirit within us. We hit the day running. Simply put, our first focus of the day has to be aimed at G-d first and then at what lays ahead. This is why G-d seems so far, so distant to us. We fail to acknowledge G-d in the first breath of the morning, and we usually fail to acknowledge G-d in just about everything we see, hear, smell, touch, taste, etc. Unfortunately we have developed an intolerance for G-d, G-d forbid!!

Pesach is a time of freedom. Pesach is a time of spring cleaning, if you will. Pesach is a time of renewal. Pesach is a time when every Jew should take at least one day as commanded in the Torah to remember our deliverance from Mitzriam. The more distant Mitzriam seems to us the more layers of indifference, insensitivity - and all the words that represent how we have ignored G-d - need to be removed, layer upon layer until we reach our connection to our Creator again.

Dear reader, regardless of who you are the principle is the same. For the non-Jew the principle is the more distant from Noach and the more distant from Adam and Chava you seem to be represents the many layers of indifference, insensitivity and all the words that express how we have ignored G-d. We need to remove layer upon layer until we reach our original connection to G-d, our Creator. When we remove these layers we will reconnect with what is within us. We will reconnect with our G-d who created the original operating system presently existing within us. We will rediscover an important connection within us. Then our search for G-d will be uninterrupted. We will have direct access. Then we will be able to say, isn't searching for G-d beautiful! We will be able to appreciate things about G-d that we could never connect with before. Our search will not be to find G-d but to learn more about our blessed Creator. Experience the freedom of Pesach!

Good Shabbos Pesach Chol Ha Moed

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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