Yom Kippur
Shacharis: Leviticus 16:1- 34 - Maftir: Numbers 29:7-11 - Mincha: Leviticus 18:1-30

The Light of Yom ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of the Holy Days is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Jack and Mrs. Bella Noahson, may they rest in peace.

Within the word Yom we see day, not evening, as in the evening and the morning were the first day {Genesis 1:4}. The evening has already passed. The darkness associated with it has also passed. Even though day does consist of evening first and morning second, in Yom Kippur we only see day! How do we know this? The Torah says that, G-d called the light, {Yom, meaning} day. Then we read that ‘evening and morning were {Yom Echad, meaning} one day’ {Genesis 1:5}. So holy reader, the Creator chose to call light “Yom”, and the Creator also chose to call the evening and morning “Yom” which was first called {named} Yom!

From this exposition we can draw that Yom Kippur means “Day / Light of Atonement” Why? Because one who atones for errors must have Ohr, light, to atone. One must have enlightenment to acknowledge error. One must have enlightenment to turn away from one’s errors! One must be able to see the error of their way. Now that is not to say that observance of Yom Kippur is only intended for the daytime hours. Yom Kippur includes both evening and morning in its period of observance. But mystically in acknowledging error Yom refers to light.
We read from Tenach, “For a Mitzvah is the lamp and {the} Torah light, and the way of living, is discipline and instruction.” Proverbs 6:23

In Tenach we make the mystical connection of light {ohr}, day {Yom} and Torah as light {ohr}. We see that connection as follows:

Ha Bi Rees {The Covenant} as in every Jew’s responsibility to observe Ha Bi Rees
617 = Sav 400 Yud 10 Reish 200 Bais 2 Hey 5

Vi Soh Raw {And Torah} as in “For a Mitzvah is the lamp and {the} Torah {is} light
617 = Hey 5 Reish 200 Vav 6 Sav 400 Vav 6

So we see that a Mitzvah is the lamp and all the Mitzvos are the essence of Torah LIGHT. So when a Jew completely observes the Covenant between G-d and B'nei Yisroel it is as if that Jew is like a lamp brightly glowing from Torah observance. In addition, we observe that the Gematria Godal of Yom is 616 which is the same Gematria of Ha TohRaw, meaning the Torah.

Yom { Day / Light}
616 = Mem 600 Vav 6 Yud 10

Ha Torah
{The Law / The Mitzvos}
616 = Hey 5 Reish 200 Vav 6 Sav 400 Hey 5

In Yom and Ha Torah we see yet another mystical connection. The connection being represented by the Gematria Godal which represents the higher light... the elevated light.... the greater essences of day is observance and study of Ha TohRaw, the higher light. Torah observance mystically is brighter than the light of day.

Now when we factor this into Yom Kippur we can begin to understand that Yom is day, but in addition to this Yom is the day when every Jew has total focus to fulfill every Mitzvah required of them and to completely fulfill the Covenant between G-d and them which unquestionably results in ATONEMENT. Every Jew enters Yom Kippur with the great potential of total perfection. When a Jew connects with fulfilling the mitzvos of Torah and fulfills the Covenant, that connection is mystically such a bright display of light that even the night, even the darkness, is as Yom. When a Jew transcends from this day... this life... this life of error to Yom Kippur, forgiveness is indeed obtained, THANK G-D!!

Even though complete atonement is within our grasp, we must act prudently. We must amass... we must call upon all of our wisdom.. we must call up whatever intellect we have in our being to account before our Eternal Judge. We must gather together all of our mental ability on Yom Kippur to fulfill the day as Hashem intends. Chassidim, that results in atonement. When an individual requires all of his physical and mental being to bow before the Eternal Judge and be fully accountable, that individual attains atonement. Why? Because at that moment all of one’s being... all of one’s wisdom... {Say Chel} is submitting to the mitzvos of Torah, to the Commandments of Hashem, to the Covenant between G-d and the Jewish people. That type of wisdom {Say Chel} follows repentance and restitution and as a result receives atonement.

This is why all of one’s Say Chel is needed. The wisdom from within our intellect mystically understands the need and requirements for atonement. Our mystical Say Chel knows the extent to afflict our body to accomplish atonement. Using only a portion of our intellect will not accomplish atonement. All of our being must be brought into full compliance with Torah mitzvos in regard to the Day of Atonement.

The Gematria of Kee Poor Reem, meaning “many atonements” is 350 which is also the Gematria for Say Chel. Here we see the important mystical connection between our intellect and atonement. One who desires atonement must connect with Torah observance on many different levels. All of one’s intellectual wires must connect. Again this is attainable because of Yom. The enhanced, increased spiritual light of Yom Kippur makes it much, much easier for our intellect to to be accountable, repentant for our errors when bowing before the Eternal Judge.

Kee Poor Reem {Many Atonements}
350 = Mem 40 Yud 10 Reish 200 Pey 80 Chof 20

Say Chel {[all of one’s]Wisdom / Intellect}
350 = Lamid 30 Chof 20 Sin 300

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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