Pesach First Day

Exodus 12:21 -51, Maftir: Numbers 28:19-25

Pesach Second Day

Leviticus 22:26 - 23:44, Maftir Numbers 28:16 -25

The Three Letters Of Pesach ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in loving memory to Kathryne Lynn Wright, may she rest in peace.

The three letters of Pesach have special meanings. The first letter is a Pey. The Gematria of Pey is 80. At the age of 80 Moshe was called by Hashem to lead B’nei Yisroel out of Mitzriam. The Pey represent the mouth. Hashem said to Moshe, “Now therefore go and I will be with Pee Kaw {your mouth}.” Exodus 4:12.

80 = Pey
80 = Moshe’s Age at the time of Exodus 4:12

In addition to this the Gematria for Pee Kaw {your mouth} is 110 which was the age of Yosief at his death. So Pee Kaw represents the last Jewish leader before slavery and the Pey represents the first Jewish leader after slavery.

Another interesting point about Exodus 4:12 is the word Eem which precedes the word Pee Kaw. Eem is spelled Ayin Mem. Here it means “with”. However the letters can also spell Ahm {nation}. The Gematria of Ayin Mem is also 110.

Pee Kaw {your mouth}
110 = Chof 20 Yud 10 Pey 80

Ahm {nation} = 110
110 = Mem 40 Ayin 70

110 =
Yosief’s age at the time of his death

So Mystically we observe that we are to be the nation with the mouth. We are to speak out. Ahm Pee Kaw {[nation] with Your Mouth} as in Hashem’s mouthpiece.

Next is the center letter of Pesach, the Samech. Samech is spelled Samech Mem Chof. The Gematria of Samech is 60. However the Gematria Miluy of Samech is 120 which represents the age at which Moshe died, after forty years of reliance on Hashem. Samech means to rely, to trust, to support. This is exactly what Hashem did for B’nei Yisroel those forty years in the BaMidbar. Hashem supported us. And we, B’nei Yisroel, relied on Hashem.

In addition the Samech is recognized as an eternal letter because it has neither beginning nor end. It goes round and round in a circle. For B’nei Yisroel this represents Hashem’s surrounding protection. Hashem surrounds us and covers us with His wings. Dovid Ha Melech said in Tehillim 57 when confronted with the danger of his father-in-law Saul, entering the cave where he was hiding, if Saul found him either he would be killed or he would be forced to kill Saul. Dovid Ha Melech placed his life, his trust in Hashem in that and other very dangerous situations. We, B’nei Yisroel, must also trust in Hashem. Dovid Ha Melech said, “Be gracious to me G-d, be gracious to me, For in You my soul has taken refuge; and in the shadow of Your wings Ehch Seh {[I] take refuge}. Ehch Seh is spelled Aleph Chess Samech Hey. The root for Ehch Seh is Chaw Saw which is spelled Chess Samech Hey. Again, as in the word “Pesach”, the Samech is the center letter. Both in the meaning of Chaw Saw {to seek refuge, to trust} and the placement of the letter Samech we see protection. In Pesach the Samech is protected by G-d above, earth below, the Pey on the right and the Chess on the left. The same holds true for Chaw Saw, the meaning of refuge and trust.

Ehch Seh
{[I] take refuge}
Hey Samech Chess Aleph

Chess Samech Pey

Chaw Saw {to seek refuge, to trust}
Hey Samech Chess

Dear ones, the word, the Torah of Hashem protects us who are in the center of His desire.

The final letter of Pesach is the letter Chess. The Gematria of Chess is eight. This refers to the eight days from birth to Circumcision for a Jewish male. One cannot participate in the Pesach Offering if they are not circumcised. It also refers to Life {“Chai”}. The letter Chess as shown above combines with the Samech to provide refuge for B’nei Yisroel. The Chess is also designed like the frame of a door. Notice the shape of the letter Ches. This represents the door frame that the lamb walked through when being led to the bedpost four days before becoming the Pesach offering. The Chess as a door frame also represents the place that the blood was placed to protect B’nei Yisroel from the Angel of death. The Chess also represents the frame for the entrance to eternal life.

Yud Chess

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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