Parshas Vayikra
Leviticus 1;1 - 5;26

The Aleph Speeks For G-d ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in loving memory to Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Selma Saunders, may they rest in peace.

Sefar Vah Yeek Raw begins with the words Vah Yeek Raw - Ehl - Moshe “And He called to Moshe.” The introduction begins with three words, a total of ten letters. The implication is that the Creator called to Moshe. The center letter of the ten letters of this introduction is the Aleph. Our sages point out that Moshe wrote it smaller than the other nine letters. They say the reason for this is originally Moshe wanted to say that “He [the Creator] happened upon Moshe” as in BaMidbar / Numbers 23:4. However they say that we must examine the shuruss / the root of the word Vah Yeek Raw to determine what was intended. They determined that the intention was unlike Numbers 23:4 where the root is Ki Ree {rebellious}, indicating that G-d happened upon a rebellion / rebellious intention. Here however the basis of Vah Yeek Raw is Kaw Raw {to call}. The difference between each root word is the last letters.

Ki Ree {rebellious]
Yud Reish Kuf

Kaw Raw {to call}
Aleph Reish Kuf

Our sages say that Hashem did not want to give even the slightest possible hint that He happened upon Moshe or that Moshe may have had rebellious intentions as did Bilam. That being the situation Hashem the Creator of the universe argued so to speak with Moshe about including the Aleph. We get this picture that Hashem allows Moshe to disagree up to a point. Again our sages point to the fact that the Aleph of Vah Yeek Raw is smaller. One must wonder why it is smaller. Is the Aleph smaller to represent Moshe’s freedom to disagree? Is the Aleph smaller to expose this disagreement? Is the Aleph smaller because Moshe was in rebellion? Is the Aleph smaller because Hashem wanted to tell us of Moshe’s pure, honest and humble intentions?

First one must realize that the letter Aleph represents Hashem. The Gematria of the letter Aleph is ONE which represents Hashem. The Gematria Miluy of Aleph is 111 which again represents Hashem. So we see that with the smaller Aleph of Vah Yeek Raw that Hashem as Creator of the Universe and as King and Ruler of the universe reduced His role so to speak. The smaller Aleph teaches us that Hashem allowed Moshe to object. Even though Hashem could have punished Moshe for this action that some may consider a very serious averra / sin, Hashem didn’t. What is the great sin that Moshe would have been guilty of? Altering one letter of Torah, omitting the letter Aleph from Vah Yeek Raw.

First Hashem did not permit Moshe to omit the letter Aleph. This would have altered many Gematria / Mystical meanings of the Torah. Hashem did however allow Moshe to reduce the size of the letter Aleph which points to the intention without actually fulfilling it. Now Hashem as Ruler and Creator understood Moshe’s intention was simply to express his humility. Moshe was attempting to reduce this concept... this phrase that so many misuse, “G-d spoke to me..” He understood how Holy G-d is. He understood that few would ever hear the actual voice of Hashem. Moshe did not want to give us the impression that G-d as Creator is common as so many have misrepresented. Few have ever heard the voice of Hashem as Moshe did. Yet so many, especially certain religious groups, want us to believe that they have a direct phone line to G-d. They want us to believe that G-d is always on the other end speaking with them. THAT IS UNTRUE! This misleading concept denies the absolute Holiness of our Creator. We just observed the holiday of Purim. In reading the Megillah of Esther one of many points that was extremely real / clear was that Queen Esther feared for her life. If she were to approach even the outer courtyard of the King without invitation she might be killed for her action. The Megillah of Esther discusses how real this fear of death was to Queen Esther. The point is that the Megillah of Esther reinforces the foolhardiness of approaching a King as a commoner. We just don’t do that. Now when we understand how serious Queen Esther’s act of entering the courtyard of the King was, we can begin to understand how serious it is for one to make outlandish claims of speaking with the King of the Universe. One should take Moshe’s example to heart. G-d speaks to very few humans. Moshe did not want to give us the impression that Hashem Creator of the Universe was more common than a human king. Moshe wanted us to understand the great holiness required to actually communicate to the King of the Universe. We see an additional example when we consider the Kohen Godal when entering the most Holy Place.

Hashem understood Moshe’s intention and judged him accordingly. This also teaches us that Hashem’s will was accomplished because the Aleph was included. Even though Moshe was permitted to object, his objection was overruled. He obeyed Hashem by including the Aleph. So the reduced Aleph exhibits our Creator’s Humility in allowing Moshe to object. It also represents Moshe’s humility in not wanting to give the impression that talking with G-d the Creator and King of the Universe was so common.

Christian / Messanics teach that one should come boldly before the throne of G-d. Hebrew 4:16 Judaism differes greatly with such a position. The letter Aleph in the center of Vah Yeek Raw - Ehl - Moshe is to teach us humility. For anyone to give the impression that G-d, the Creator and King of the Universe is at their becken / call is to display very aggressive and bold acts of pride, arrogance and disregard for His Holiness. Even if one were close to the Creator as Moshe was, they should still display great humility.

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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