Parshas Shemos
Exodus 1:1 - 6:1

Spirituality, Part of the Entire Package ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in loving memory to Mr. Gary Lee Belk and Mr. donald Wayne Belk, may they rest in peace.

While Judaism claims that Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov are the Patriarchs of Judaism, they actually observed Spirituality. And in addition to this, the twelve sons of Yaakov were also Spiritualists. There was only one person to live in Yaakov’s time and among the twelve sons of Yaakov as a Spiritualist and later accept the Torah. That person was a woman,Yocheved, Moshe’s mother. Yocheved was the bridge from Spirituality to Judaism. Understanding this offers light as to why Moshe would be selected to lead Yisroel out of Mitzriam. It offers insight as to why Aharon would be the first Kohen Godal. Yocheved represents that powerful spark of Spirituality rooted deep within Judaism. This spark of Spirituality ran through her veins to her children. It was the foundation and the bridge that empowered the Kohanim who descended from her children.

The Torah was given to B’nei Yisroel 193 years after Yaakov’s death or 210 years after arriving in Mitzriam. This means the Torah was given in the year 2448 C.E. In other words, mankind had been observing some form of the Seven Noaich Commands for thousands of years prior to the giving of the Torah. Now the Torah was given mainly to the descendants of Yaakov so that means the other inhabitants of the world should still be observing Spirituality. We know that for the most part this is not true.

The Gematria 193 speaks of this situation with the word Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm {when you find}. Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm was in reference to Yaakov’s instructions to the second and third groups when approaching Eisov. Yaakov said to them, Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm, “when you find [meet] him Eisov...” Genesis 32:20 ...this is what you should do.... In other words, from the Mystical position Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm {“when you find the spiritual person.... when you find the Messianic person...”} this is what you should do...

Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm {when you find}
193 = Mem 40 Chof 20 Aleph 1 Tzaddi 90 Mem 40 Bais 2

When we observe the Gematria Godal of Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm we Mystically see the aliyah, the rising up. In other words, during the last year in Mitzriam Moshe appears on the scene with the request... command... to Pharaoh, “Send my people into the wilderness to make a festival to Me..” Exodus 5:1 Here we learn that Hashem has revealed Himself to B'nei Yisroel and that as a result they want to journey three days into the wilderness. They said to Pharaoh, “...let us sacrifice to Hashem our G-d..” Exodus 5:3 Pharaoh’s response was negative. He would not let B'nei Yisroel go. He said, “ want them to be excused Mee Seev Loh Sawm {from their hard work}.” Exodus 5:5. The Gematria for Vi Heesh Bah Tehm {you want them to cease [from their hard work]} is 753. So the Mystical connection is Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm {when you find}... When you find what? When you find Hashem... When you find the Torah... When a spiritual person finds Spirituality... that one or that group of people are no longer satisfied with things as they are. They cannot contain it. They must express what they have found. Here they said, “Hashem has revealed Himself to us...” The result of that revelation is being lifted up. One experiences this buoyancy... this being lifted up... As a result one wants to cease from work and celebrate a festival to Hashem. We see this ceasing from work in the Gematria 753 of Vi Heesh Bah Tehm {you want them to cease [from their hard work]} and celebrate...

Gematria Godal
Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm {when you find}
753 = Mem 600 Chof 20 Aleph 1 Tzaddi 90 Mem 40 Bais 2

Vi Heesh Bah Tehm {you want them to cease [from their hard work]}
753 = Mem 40 Sav 400 Bais 2 Shin 300 Hey 5 Vav 6

Now ceasing from work is not one of the Seven Noaich Commands. Celebrating a festival to Hashem is not one of the Seven Noaich Commands. As a result we are beginning to see B'nei Yisroel move from the area of Spirituality into Judaism. Why? Because Hashem revealed Himself to them. B'nei Yisroel begins to discover that Spirituality is only part of the total package. What is it that we see at the foundation of this revelation? What are the other parts of the package that B'nei Yisroel is discovering? We see the Mystical revelation of their discovery with the Gematria Mispar Katan of Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm {when you find}.

Gematria Mispar Katan
Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm {when you find}
22 = Mem 4 Chof 2 Aleph 1 Tzaddi 9 Mem 4 Bais 2

In Parshas Vayigash in the article entitled “Self Examination: Gematria 22,” we discussed the foundation of this revelation. In addition to this we note that again the the “three” represents good in the three day journey just as it did when Yosief placed his brothers in jail for three days. Remember the third day has two blessings. So when B'nei Yisroel journeyed three days into the wilderness it was for Tov Vaw {good}.

Tov Vaw {good}
22 = Hey 5 Bais 2 Vav 6 Tes 9

So the foundation to Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm {when you find} is intended to be Tov Vaw, good. Part of that Tov Vaw is the completion of time as stated in the aforementioned article. Yosief’s 22 year separation from his father was completed. Yet here for B'nei Yisroel the completion is the 193 years that have passed from Yaakov’s death to receiving the Torah. It is the time for B'nei Yisroel to leave Mitzriam. Their time in Mitzriam is completed. Their time to receive the Torah has arrived! The Mystical connection is the foundation beneath Spirituality. It is the other part of the entire package, Judaism. When you find Judaism you find the foundation for Spirituality. Spirituality did not exist in the HaShamayim in and of itself. Spirituality existed as part of the Torah, as part of Judaism, as part of the entire package. Even though Spirituality was introduced into the universe to Adam and to all mankind since, that does not mean Torah did not precede Spirituality. The commands that Adam received and every human since Adam received were only part of the entire picture. This is what is at the root of the Gematria Mispar Katan of Bi Moh Tzah Ah Chehm {when you find}.

Now, dear ones, as a result this explains why spiritual people {NOT SPIRITUALISTS} feel this compelling identity with Judaism. In fact let’s go a few steps further. Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov observed Spirituality. Yet they did not just observe Spirituality, they also observed Torah mitzvohs. We see in this parsha that even B'nei Yisroel observed more than just Spirituality. So it is not unreasonable for spiritual people to identify with Judaism. While they do not observe all the Torah Mitzvohs they observe mitzvohs beyond the scope of Spirituality as did Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov and B'nei Yisroel in Mitzriam. As a result many spiritual people seek through their genealogies to find a connection to Jewish descent. Also many confusingly connect with groups who eagerly accept them. Unfortunately some of these groups are Messianic, G-d forbid!!

Now it is for this reason that we as Jews must understand the Spirituality of Judaism. It is NOT ENOUGH TO CONDEMN MESSIANICS!! We MUST have the knowledge and the understanding to realize what some of the basis is for what is happening. We MUST have a complete understanding of Spirituality so that we may have the wisdom and ability to guide the spiritual person towards G-d’s purpose in their life. Many are confused with their observance.

It is our obligation to help them find what they are actually seeking. In our first years of JewishPath we only defended Judaism. We objected to Messianics. We still do! However on Motzei Shabbos {after Shabbos} of August 18, 2001, we at JewishPath launched as a means of redirecting the spiritual person who mistakenly connects with Judaism to connect with what G-d desires them to connect with, Spirituality. Since then we have written dozens of articles explaining Spirituality. We introduced a Spirituality email class which presently is outpacing our Jewish Gematria and Parsha email classes. Jewish reader, I encourage you to study Spirituality with us at so that you will learn... so that you will become a tool.. to redirect non-Jews away from Judaism to Spirituality instead of condemning their mistaken actions.

We announced our new endeavor during Parshas Ki Seitzei {Deuteronomy 21:10 - 25:19} that following week. Since our first lesson was posted in August on the internet at, we have had thousands of students learn with us. We had not promoted it to any search engine until this past week. That is when we began our first promotion of to the world’s search engines. We thank Hashem for the tremendous response we have received at Holy reader, we hope that you will visit, join our Spirituality email class and help spread this great news.

Please remember, not only does Spirituality stand on its own, it is a very big and important part of Jewish observance!

Wishing youthe best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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