Parshas Pekudei
Exodus 35:1 - 38:20

Shabbos: NOT For Sale ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in loving memory to Ashka Lynda Elliott, may she rest in peace.

Within the Torah we read these words, “..and in [the] day, the seventh, to you [B’nei Yisroel it is] holy..” Exodus 35:2 Recently we made a special audio CD entitled Shabbos Observance. The intention of this CD was to explain the proper observance of Shabbos to the Jew, to the Eh Ved {Jewish Servant} and to the Spiritualist. Shortly after preparing this CD I noticed a very significant drop in our email from those who seemed to desire more learning regarding observance of Shabbos. Naturally I wondered why. I can only guess... Yet the fact remains that both on and the email has come to a sudden halt the past several weeks on the subject of Shabbos observance. In addition to this we have not received any CD orders through the mail as of yet. I am not surprised by this because mail order response is often slow. However this presently also indicates little or no interest. As a result I am led to question the intentions of those who gave the impression of this Shabbos zeal...

Now I am not angry. This type of thing has happened in the past. Yet it gives me the impression of “Shabbos Fad” and the possibility of underlying insincerity. Now there is a reason that I mention this. It exposes what I have often said. Much of the world misunderstands the Jewish Shabbos. Some of this misunderstanding is sincere. Yet some of this misunderstanding is deliberate. And some of this misunderstanding is a form of prodding, some of it is a form of shopping if you will. I had a difficult time naming this weekly parsha. There were several good titles: Shopping for Shabbos.... Shabbos Fad.... Shabbos: NOT For Sale!... Judaism of Choice... Instant Judaism.... Each points in the direction of people who want us {Jews} to trust them. I feel like I am standing in front of a row of doors.

Door One
Behind door one is the [non-Jewish] Messianic who enjoys the concept of Shabbos but claims freedom from Shabbos restrictions. They drive to Messianic church on Saturday. Some wear a kippah, tzitzis, tallis, etc. They like the appearance of the Messianic church with their version of an Aron Hakodesh, Beemah, Seforim and Jewish flavored music, etc.

Door Two
Behind door two are the disgruntled former Messianics. They often feel lied to and deceived by Christian doctrine regarding Shabbos -vs- Sunday and the New Testament -vs- the Old Testament. Many behind this door are grappling with their own personal struggles like: ‘Do I believe in Jesus? Do I accept the New Testament as Divinely inspired? And if I don’t believe in Jesus and the New Testament what do I do?’ This third question is especially important because those behind door two have come to realize the deceptions within the Messianic churches and doctrines... They want to follow G-d but are somewhat disillusioned.

Door Three
Behind door three is a potpourri of beliefs extending from ‘I think I’m Jewish.... I think I have Jewish relatives...’ to ‘I want to convert to my own brand of Judaism. I want to convert to a brand of Judaism that I like... that I design... etc.’ This group is usually identified because they “love the Jewish People.” It’s odd how their love seems to function. This group LOVES to use us!! What they love is NOT the Jewish people but rather their own concept of Judaism. If and when they learn more about true Judaism.... real Judaism, most of their love fades like old clothes...

Door Four
Behind door four are those who are genuine. Their only agenda is to learn about Judaism. They don’t find it necessary to lie or be deceitful. They have an interest in Judaism. They are uncertain as to the extent of their interest in Judaism. They want to learn more. They want to make choices based upon knowledge. Their intention / desire normally does not have hidden agendas of Jewish conversion or missionizing Jews, etc.

Door Five
Behind this door are people who truly want to convert to Judaism for one reason or another. Some go about it backwards, but eventually they get it right. They get straightened out along the path of preparation to convert to Judaism...

Now, holy readers, someone is always standing behind each of these doors knocking... beating... pounding... all at the same time. That brings us to our parsha discussion... Shabbos: NOT For Sale!

The separation of Shabbos for the Jew is also the separation from the people standing behind these doors. It’s like so many of them are searching for a password they do not know. Others are attempting to take a test they have not researched or studied for. Still others are attempting to buy their term paper from students who have already passed the class, etc. Dear ones, why is it like this? It is because people want to look Jewish and feel and experience Judaism with only limited effort. They do not want to do the research for themselves. They want you to do it for them. They want you to do it for them for FREE!! They want the benefits... the years of knowledge without serious effort. They want instant Judaism. They think they want to be Jewish without even inquiring what the price is.... what is required to be Jewish. This is where we are standing today. Judaism is NOT for sale. Shabbos is NOT for sale!

Even though there are people standing outside of these doors pounding, hammering and trying to get in, they cannot!! They cannot get in because Judaism is a way of life. They are unwilling to dedicate themselves to our way of living. And even though they may like what they see peering through the keyhole, they cannot enjoy what we have because of their unwillingness to dedicate themselves to Torah Judaism. Judaism MUST be lived and experienced. It cannot be bought like so many other things can. Dear ones, that is why interest fades. That is why so many fall by the wayside. Being Jewish means living Jewish. There is little or no reward for costume Judaism. There is very little enjoyment or pleasure from shallow pools of water. In the same way those who just wade never get wet. They rarely enjoy the benefits which result from a dedicated life immersed in Judaism.

The Torah says that when one properly prepares for the Shabbos through serious dedication then that one will truly enjoy the results. Notice the Gematria 985 of Oov Vah Yom - Hah Sheh Vee Ee - Yee Yeh - Law Chehm - Kodesh, {“..and in [the] day, the seventh, to you [B’nei Yisroel it is] holy..”} This Gematria which speaks of the day, the seventh day, and the holiness of that day expresses that concept. When one drives in their auto on Shabbos it lessens the holiness of Shabbos. When one attends a Messianic church on Shabbos it lessens the holiness of Shabbos. When one does not dedicate the day {the seventh day, the Shabbos}, then one does not receive true pleasure from the day. The Gematria of Heh Eh Shahr Tee {Enriched} is also 985. It explains in the Mystical sense what one receives from dedicated Shabbos observance. What one receives is pleasure and enrichment. So the point is to learn how to observe Shabbos in the fullest sense so you can enjoy the entire riches of Shabbos. Don’t shop for anything less than true, genuine Shabbos observance / holiness.

Oov Vah Yom - Hah Sheh Vee Ee - Yee Yeh - Law Chehm - Kodesh,
{and in [the] day, the seventh, to you [B’nei Yisroel it is] holy}

Oov Vah Yom - Hah Sheh Vee Ee {and in [the] day, the seventh}
461 = Yud 10 Ayin 70 Yud 10 Bais 2 Shin 300 Hey 5 - Mem 40 Vav 6 Yud 10 Bais 2 Vav 6

Yee Yeh - Law Chehm - Kodesh {to you [B’nei Yisroel it is] holy}
524 = Shin 300 Dalet 4 Kuf 100 - Mem 40 Chof 20 Lamid 30 - Hey 5 Yud 10 Hey 5 Yud 10

985 = 461 + 524

Heh Eh Shahr Tee {Enriched}
985 = Yud 10 Sav 400 Reish 200 Shin 300 Ayin 70 Hey 5

Remember, it is the people who dedicate the Shabbos that will enter into its delight and goodness...

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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