Parshas Pekudei
Exodus 38:21 - 40:38

The Eternal Kohanim / Priests ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in loving memory to Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Selma Saunders, may they rest in peace.

The Torah is clear on the fact that there are different groups of Kohanim / Priests. However the Kohanim within Judaism can only be descendants of Aharon “throughout their generations.” We have discussed this Torah fact often. Here in Parshas Pekudei we observe that they were “Maw Shahch Taw {“anointed” for this purpose}. Exodus 40:15 There was a purpose for this: “so that their anointing shall make them an eternal priesthood throughout their generations.” Exodus 40:15 Hashem commanded Moshe to seal the Kohanim by anointing them. Now thousands of years later that remains in effect. Our belief system is established by a very old system of commandments. Our system of beliefs are ancient. They are not to be changed... reformed... revised... They are permanent! The people of the world seem to have a problem with the beauty of permanence that we enjoy. Our Torah is PERFECT! Why should it be revised?

The purpose of our Kohanim is to serve Hashem in the Mishkon / Bais HaMikdosh... Religions of the world have other purposes for their priests / religious leaders. I am not saying these purposes are wrong. However their purposes differ from the Torah Kohanim. The priests of the world, even though many of them serve without pay or thought of wages... and accomplish many very great and important services to the world, are different from the Torah Kohanim. We MUST make this distinction because all priests are NOT the same. It is this inter religious mixing of the Priesthood / religious leaders that has confused so many regarding the Torah’s instruction for the Kohanim. In the future non-Jewish priests WILL NOT SERVE in our Bais HaMikdosh / Holy Temple - PERIOD!! Regardless of how the outside world sees this issue, only the descendants of Aharon will serve as the Kohen Godal / High Priest and the Kohanim / priests. In this week’s parsha they were selected, prepared and eternally sealed through anointing for the position of Kohanim. That anointing will not be changed! That anointing cannot be changed!!

Mystically within the words Vi Cee Hah Nu - Lee {“...So that they may serve as [Kohanim] to Me..”}, we observe the central theme for the Kohanim. That theme is Ah Hahl Law - Hashem - Bi Chah Yaw {“With [the service of] my life I will praise Hashem”}. Here, dear ones, we observe that the Torah Kohanim who were anointed to serve Hashem in the Mishkon serve with their lives. No other priests work in the presence of our Creator as do the Kohen Godal and the Kohanim. So that being the situation, we see a two fold meaning to the Mysticism of the Gematria of 127. First, the lives of the Kohanim are wrapped within the service of Hashem. Other priests rightfully make this claim also. Second, the Kohanim live to serve our Creator. While other priests also serve our Creator, the concept here is much different. Only the Kohanim who are descendants of Aharon can serve as priests within the Mishkon / Bais HaMikdosh. Third, the Kohein that makes a mistake will in so doing give his life, as we shall see in Parshas Vayikro Shemini {Leviticus 10}. This is not true for priests of other religions. Chassidim, this is where the lines are drawn between the Kohanim of B’nei Yisroel and the other priests of the world. This is not to put other servants of our Creator down; it is to show the special selection, honor and elevation our Creator has given to the Torah Kohanim!

Vi Cee Hah Nu - Lee {So that they may serve as [Kohanim] to Me}
127 = Yud 10 Lamid 30 - Vav 6 Nun 50 Hey 5 Chof 20 Vav 6

Ah Hahl Law
- Hashem - Bi Chah Yaw
{With [the service of] my life I will praise Hashem}

Ah Hahl Law -
Hashem {With [ service ] I will praise Hashem}
97 = Hey 5 Vav 6 Hey 5 Yud 10 - Hey 5 Lamid 30 Lamid 30 Hey 5 Aleph 1

Bi Chah Yaw {With My Life}
30 = Yud 10 Yud 10 Ches 8 Bais 2

127 = 97 + 30

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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