Parshas Nitzovim
Deuteronomy 29:9 - 30:20

The Way of Conversion To Judaism? ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of the weekly Gematria parsha is dedicated in the loving memory of Mrs. Rachel Student, may she rest in peace.

You are standing this day, all of you before Hashem your G-d, your Chieftains, your tribes, your elders and your judges, all men of Yisroel, your little [ones], your wives, and your convert that is from within your camp from your wood cutter to [the one who] draws your water for your [willing] slavery into the covenant of Hashem your G-d and in His oath that Hashem your G-d is establishing with each of you today. Deuteronomy 29:9-11

This week we are discussing the concept of conversion to Judaism. Even though we in Judaism do not encourage conversion, being a Jewish convert is an extremely lofty goal which is not easily attained. The Gematria for Vi Gay Ree Chaw {meaning “And Your Convert”} is 229. Mystically observing, we see that 229 is divisible by only one. Why? A convert must understand and acknowledge One
G-d, one Torah, one way of life... one way of observance.

The Gematria for Vi Gay Ree Chaw also points to another related Gematria, Hah Deh Rech {meaning “the way”}. Hah Deh Rech is singular, meaning there are not many ways to convert to Judaism. In fact there is only one way for a proper Torah conversion. The potential convert MUST meet all Torah requirements, MUST demonstrate their understanding of Torah observance and MUST make a 100% commitment to total Torah observance. This is Hah Deh Rech!

Yet even though this is “The Way” for conversion, we in Judaism do not encourage conversion. Why is this? It is because when Hashem created the world He created everyone with Spirituality. We at JewishPath define Spirituality as having the pre- birth understanding of The Seven Noaich Commandments. It turns out that many who think that Judaism is the long sought after belief in fact know nothing about the basic operating system that they were created with, Spirituality. Before anyone considers conversion to Judaism, which we at JewishPath refer to as Spirituality Plus {NOT RELIGION}, they should simply begin getting in touch with their own Spirituality. There are thousands throughout the world who are now doing this. They refer to themselves as Noahides or Spiritualists! At JewishPath we are developing a web “Sight”,, which encourages non Jews to explore their own Spirituality. If you are not Jewish we encourage you to first reinstall what the Creator blessed you with, Spirituality!

Now in addition to the Gematria of 229 for Vi Gay Ree Chaw we observe the Gematria Katan of Vi Gay Ree Chaw which is 13. Mystically speaking the Gematria Katan reinforces the concept of “one” because Echad {meaning “one”} has the Gematria 13 and the Gematria Katan of Echad is also 13. This again reinforces that there is only one way for conversion to Judaism through 100% Torah observance!

Dear reader, the point is that conversion to Judaism is not a simple walk down the aisle to the front of a shul. It is not simply expressing that one believes or accepts Judaism in the front of the shul. It is NOT simply shaking the hand of a rabbi and being welcomed into Judaism. It is much, much more!! Holy reader, one cannot convert to Judaism with the idea of working out issues after conversion. All issues must be resolved before conversion. Why? This is Hah Deh Rech! This is the way it is in Judaism!

When we entered Mitzriam we entered as “One”. Our rabbium point to the fact that the singular word for soul was used instead of the plural word. This points to the fact that Mystically all Jews are one. This is why we pray prayers at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur making confession {Viduy} for sins that we are certain that we as individuals did not commit. Why do we do this? It is because we are all one. If our brother or sister committed that sin then we confess and ask Hashem to forgive us just as if we ourselves committed it. Why? We are one people! We are one belief! We are one observance! This is Hah Deh Rech!

In the same sense there is only one way... one door for all converts to enter Judaism. It is not on a low level, less observant plan. It is in full, complete Torah observance. Judaism has only one plan for conversion. It is the exact same plan for all!

Now when we focus in on the people that Vi Gay Ree Chaw is referring to, we observe that it was the lowest, most undesirable slaves, prisoners and Canaanim who specifically requested to be included as converts. It was to them that this passage in Torah was directed. Why? These people who were once the lowest, most undesirable slaves, prisoners and Canaanim converted. They CHANGED! By requesting that Moshe include their conversion in the Torah they were making a most incredible statement. They were saying we who were once the lowest... we who were once the lowly, unlearned slaves... we who were once the prisoners... and we who were once the Canaanim are now Jews. We are no longer what we once were! We have taken a new direction. We have taken on a new way of life. We are Torah observant Jews!

The point is that if Vi Gay Ree Chaw can completely observe Hah Deh Rech, nothing short of this will be acceptable!

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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