Parshas Vayeilech
Deuteronomy 31:1-30

Preparing for WAR! ©

By Dr. Akiva Belk

This study of the weekly parsha is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Miriam Goodman, may they rest in peace.

In parshas Vayeilech, Moshe - Yisroel’s great spiritual and political leader of forty years - is preparing to die. Yehoshua, a new leader who is less experienced and younger, is to take charge of Kal Yisroel. Yehoshua has little time to settle into the position of leadership before leading the people of Yisroel into war. He was standing in the shadow of what the Torah terms the greatest prophet / leader of Yisroel. See Deuteronomy 34:10

How would you like to be in Yehoshua’s position with the wise old sage, spiritual leader and experienced political leader gone as you lead your nation into war? Yes, Yehoshua was the General of Yisroel’s army for forty years so to speak. Yes, Yehoshua was a talented and experienced leader. Yes, Yehoshua learned under the tutelage of Moshe for forty years. Yes, Yehoshua was greatly respected by Kal Yisroel. Yet, even though all this is true, there was this huge, huge absence. Moshe was no longer there. He was greatly missed.

The nation Yisroel was preparing for war knowing Moshe would not be there to direct them. They would be under the new leadership of an experienced but much younger man, Yehoshua. Dear readers, think of the possible uncertainty Kal Yisroel was experiencing as they prepared for war.

The wise old leader Moshe comforted Kal Yisroel by reminding them that they had defeated the kings of Sichon and Og under Yehoshua’s leadership as General of the Army of Yisroel. Yes, Kal Yisroel was preparing for war... The words “Be courageous and bold” rang out loud and louder as Moshe prepared to die and as Yehoshua prepared to stand in his shadow. Think of how this felt... Think of what it was like...

What does it mean to be courageous and bold?

The Torah records, “And Moshe called Yehoshua and said to him while Kal Yisroel [listened and] watched, ‘Be courageous and bold, for you will enter with this nation into the land that Hashem swore to their fathers [grandfathers, great grandfathers] to give to them and you [will separate the] inheritance to them.” Deuteronomy 31:7

This was Moshe’s charge to Yehoshua and to Kal Yisroel. If Yehoshua was to lead then the charge to Kal Yisroel was to follow. This was their declaration of war against evil. This was their charge to follow Yehoshua into battle. This was their promise of the outcome. They would inherit Eretz Canaan.

Now, dear readers, make no mistake about it the evil enemy knew of their impending war with Kal Yisroel. The enemy also knew of B'nei Yisroel's great victories over the powerful kingdoms of Sichon and Og, yet they stood defiantly against Kal Yisroel. Yet they remained defiant as B'nei Yisroel prepared for war with them. This is why Moshe in his wisdom spoke to Yehoshua as his leader, before Kal Yisroel, commanding him to be courageous and bold.

Again, what does it mean to be courageous and bold? When we examine the words
Chazak Veh Eh Mawtz {meaning “to be strong, to be hard, to be victorious”} we understand. Chazak means to be strong, to be hard. When metal is heated by fire we say it is tempered. It is strong! It is hard! It is prepared to withstand difficult powerful blows. Veh Eh Mawtz {meaning “victorious”} requires great, great boldness! Victory does NOT come by being timid or hesitant. Victory is the result of great courage. Victory is the courage to face one’s enemy eyeball to eyeball in battle. Veh Eh Mawtz is the power of boldness in the way you straightforwardly challenge your enemy! One shows great boldness staring directly into the eyes of one’s enemy. One’s intentions are openly known: ‘You are my enemy and I am going to annihilate you!!’

Chazak Veh Eh Mawtz {To be strong, to be hard, to be victorious}
252 = Tzaddi 90 Mem 40 Aleph 1 Vav 6 - Kuf 100 Zayin 7 Ches 8

Chazak {To be strong, to be hard}
115 = Kuf 100 Zayin 7 Ches 8

Veh Eh Mawtz {To be victorious}
137 = Tzaddi 90 Mem 40 Aleph 1 Vav 6

In addition to the meaning of these words there is the powerful Gematria of each. The Gematria of Chazak is 115. The Gematria of Veh Eh Mawtz is 137. Mystically we observe that the word Yah Ah Leh {meaning “to rise up, to go up”} is the Gematria of 115. However the root of Yah Ah Leh is Aw Law {meaning “to rise up, to go up”} which is only the Gematria of 105. The letter Yud is added to Yah Ah Leh to give extra strength, supernatural strength. Notice our article entitled, “The Hebrew Letter Yud.” There we state, “...the Yud is a power letter because the Gematria of the word Yud is exactly double the Gematria of the letter Yud. The word YUD is twenty and the letter Yud is ten.” We continue, “..the Yud is so small. It challenges man to reduce, to relinquish that power.” We summarize the Yud, “The Yud is a spiritual letter and leader. It floats at the height of the other taller letters without touching the ground so to speak. It lives in the clouds, the spiritual realm. Why is that? A man who is in control has to feel like he has his feet planted firmly on the ground. Not so with the Yud. The Yud represents the "Metaphysical Power," that is, having your feet planted in faith, trust in Hashem, the Torah, the mitzvos, etc.”

Yah Ah Leh {To rise up, to go up}
115 = Hey 5 Lamid 30 Ayin 70 Yud 10

Aw Law {To rise up, to go up}
105 = Hey 5 Lamid 30 Ayin 70

Chassidim, the Yud was added to Aw Law first to remind us of the Creator Who’s name begins with Yud! The Yud representing Hashem, representing trust in Hashem and representing extra strength PRECEDES Aw Law. This is unquestionably to direct us to Hashem first. In other words, before we rise up to go to battle Hashem must go before us. Hashem MUST precede us as the Yud precedes the other letters of Aw Law!

Mystically reviewing the Gematria of 137, we observe that our sages note the age of Yishmael at the time of his death was also 137. What does this have to do with Veh Eh Mawtz? Dear readers, many of the terrorist attacks against Kal Yisroel are from people who claim to be the descendants of Yishmael. That is the connection! In facing our enemies, the Gematria Veh Eh Mawtz {137} requires great boldness.

The Gematrias of 115 and 137 equal 252. This reminds us of the two great lights that Hashem created in Genesis 1:16. The greater light {B'nei Yisroel} was to rule the day and the lesser light {Spiritualists - Noachides} was to rule the evening. In other words, one light {Spiritualists} is a reflection of the other {B'nei Yisroel}. Yet both lights are called Ha Maw Oor, meaning “the light.” This mystically represents the ONLY two sets of beliefs created and ordained by Hashem from the beginning. Both were designed to give light emanating from the Torah. Kal Yisroel flowing through the Torah’s 613 Mitzvos as the greater light, and Spiritualists flowing through the Torah’s Seven Noaich Commandments as the lesser light.

Chazak Veh Eh Mawtz {To be strong, to be hard, to be victorious}
252 = Tzaddi 90 Mem 40 Aleph 1 Vav 6 - Kuf 100 Zayin 7 Ches 8

Ha Maw Oor {The light}
252 = Reish 200 Vav 6 Aleph 1 Mem 40 Hey 5

What is the point of both lights Gematrically? The point is that Ha Maw Oor of B'nei Yisroel and Ha Maw Oor of Spiritualists both connect with Chazak Veh Eh Mawtz meaning “to be strong, to be hard, to be victorious.” In other words Spiritualists, that is non-Jews {Noachides}, are mystically included in combating evil with courage and boldness “IF” they observe the principles of the Yud! Both Jews and Spiritualists MUST place the Creator Whose name begins with Yud “FIRST” to be successful in battle.

Dear holy readers, we ask that G-d’s blessing be on all people who honor the Torah and who properly honor the name of Hashem our Creator as first and as only when they prepare for war against evil and when they engage in war against evil. May this people be strong, be hard and be victorious, “Chazak Veh Eh Mawtz”!!

Wishing you the best!

Li Shaw Naw - Toh Vaw - Tee Caw Say Voo
“For a Good Year, May you be inscribed [in the Book of Life],”

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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